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Cosby says GFHCF Is Moving Forward with Their Victory to Stop Obamacare

Today, Carolyn Cosby, leader of the group Georgians For Healthcare Freedom, announced that while her group had a small victory that nudged the debate forward, paraphrasing Winston Churchill she stated, “This is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is the beginning of the roll back of Obamacare in Georgia and in our nation.”

She continued, “We organized a courageous team of volunteers who fanned out across Georgia and began the conversation that the federal government should be stopped from commandeering Georgia tax dollars and Georgia resources and we reached 37,283 people who agreed with us.  That is a great victory in itself.”

Cosby said, “The key disappointment in the campaign was that we never gained Gov Deal’s public support.”

Cosby reported the negotiations in good faith were conducted for months in refining the final language of HB 707.  The bill passed through the review of all key state leadership. The Commissioner of Insurance, Ralph Hudgeons, enthusiastically endorsed the prohibition on state enforcement of Obamacare’s overwhelming array of health care insurance mandates.  Cosby said, “We need this language, we have no idea what Obama intends to do next.  We’ve got to protect Georgians.”

Further, Cosby stated “Enforcing the Obamacare mandates directs the public wrath away from the political culprits in Washington, D.C. who should be held directly responsible.”  Obamacare has become the dominant conversation among the people in discussion of its personal negative effects on their families .

Carolyn Cosby, leader of the group, explained, “While stopping the UGA navigator program was a goal of our group, stopping Obamacare in GA and in our nation was the promise we made to the people of Georgia.”  Cosby added, “It is what the people want.”

The ability to say “no” to the federal government was the heart and soul of our bill.  Cosby said “The march from Georgia to Washington to stop Obamacare must continue.  We’ll take our partial victory and return next year,” said Cosby.

Cosby concluded that “If the bill had made it to the Senate floor, it would have followed the House with a super majority vote and that’s the explanation for the vote of the Senate Rules committee to deny HB 707 a floor vote, leadership somewhere stopped its passage.”

Cosby reported “Our group never picked up the Governor’s public support and that hurt us, said Cosby. We have incurred the wrath of  Obama in the defunding of our Savannah port, and the Governor has been put in a tight spot. We need him to stand with the people on this, he’s a cautious man and that is not a bad thing.  I think he will join us as this campaign continues on into the next session.”

In conclusion, Cosby said “Great credit is due Representatives. Jason Spencer, Michael Caldwell, David Stover and Scot Turner – essentially freshman representatives who exercised courageous leadership.

Cosby remarked the group supported HB 990 which stops the expansion of Medicaid in Georgia and agrees Gov Deal is headed in the right direction.


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